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The traditional methods of testing and assessment often fall short in capturing the nuanced strengths of individuals.

This is where the significance of talent measurement comes into play – an approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and aligns their capabilities with specific
job requirements.

our process?

our process?

Traditional assessments might not capture the complexities of a role, leading to mismatches between a person’s skills and job requirements.


Moreover, the one-size-fits-all approach often overlooks individual strengths, hindering the discovery of true potential.


These challenges underscore the need for a more personalized and comprehensive talent measurement strategy.

Meta Competencies

Create or employ a competency framework, grounding the assessment in the specific skills and attributes vital for success in a given role.


Measurable Competencies

link job-specific measurements to the competency framework, ensuring a relevant and precise evaluation


Question Database

Designed and tested for relevance to mirror the intricate demands of real-world job functions.


Platform Access

Register candidates and start.


Analysis & Recommendations

Delve into results, providing detailed reports with actionable insights to make informed decision-making.


How to apply
talent measurement

How to apply
talent measurement

Here are several ways you can seamlessly incorporate talent measurement into making precise decisions regarding learning and development:

Talent Matching

By linking job-specific measurements to a competency framework, businesses can make informed decisions in recruitment, placing individuals where their unique strengths are best utilized.

High Potential

To evaluate key competencies indicative of high potential and pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement, aiding professionals in their self-development for future success

Informed Learning &
Development Strategies

Businesses can utilize the service for training needs analysis, enabling them to develop strategic learning and development initiatives. By understanding the specific competencies required for various job functions, organizations can tailor their training programs to foster continuous improvement.

360° Feedback
for Holistic Development

This holistic view enables businesses to assess not only individual performance but also team dynamics, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Succession Planning

By identifying and nurturing high-potential individuals, Tiqani’s service supports strategic succession planning. Businesses can ensure a smooth transition in leadership roles, mitigating risks associated with key personnel changes.


It enables organizations to identify and cultivate leaders with the right mix of skills and attributes, fostering adaptability and resilience in leadership roles.

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Talent Measurement

Equips businesses with actionable insights, enabling them to make decisions that are not only informed but also tailored to the unique composition of their workforce.

By embracing individuality and precision in talent assessment, businesses can navigate challenges, capitalize on strengths, and achieve sustained success.

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