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In today’s dynamic landscape, change is the only constant – a continuous and often disruptive force. Traditionally, managers navigated their teams through daily tasks by providing directions and instructions to solve familiar problems – challenges they – themselves – encountered in their careers.

However, the effectiveness of traditional directives is fading.

Nowadays, it’s becoming evident that merely directing and instructing proves inefficient in the face of constant change. To truly adapt, team members require more than orders; they need encouragement, guidance, and support. Distinguishing between directing and coaching is pivotal.

Specialized Coaching Focus

Coaching Focus

  • 1 On the
    job coaching
  • 2 Leadership coaching &
    Executive coaching
  • 3 Performance improvement
    coaching & Business coaching.


On the job coaching

In the learning process, memory strengthens, but forgetting begins as soon as learning concludes. Research indicates that within one hour, people forget 50% of presented information, within 24 hours, it’s 70%, and within a week, 90%.

Our On-The-Job coaching program combats this trend, ensuring a positive development ROI through a structured process:

  • Assess improvement areas and agree on objectives.
  • Define measurable goals for a set period with clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop an action plan, align with processes, and set milestones for progress monitoring.
  • Assess improvement areas and agree on objectives.

Leadership coaching & Executive Coaching

We follow Marshall Goldsmith’s successful coaching process which prioritizes stakeholder involvement, implementation for lasting behavioral change, and follow-through to gauge leadership effectiveness and growth.

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching method is efficient and structured:

  • The leader, in consultation with the coach, selects 1–2 growth areas based on interviews
    and assessments.
  • Monthly, stakeholders provide ‘feedforward’ suggestions related to agreed-upon growth areas
  • Suggestions are integrated into a monthly action plan for the leader to implement the following month.
  • On-the-job execution leads to behavioral and perceptual changes.
  • Quarterly measurements of leadership growth are based on stakeholders’ perceptions.

Performance improvement coaching & Business coaching

One of the models implemented in the GROW coaching model. It is renowned for its effectiveness and centers around Goal setting, Reality assessment, Options exploration, and Wrap-up for action.

This structured and transparent approach ensures impactful coaching:

  • Goal Setting: Collaboratively establish specific and measurable goals with the coach, defining the desired outcomes.

  • Reality Assessment: Evaluate the current situation, identifying strengths and challenges to provide a clear understanding of the starting point.

  • Options Exploration: Generate and explore various strategies and options to achieve the set goals, fostering creativity and flexibility.

  • Wrap-up for Action: Develop a concrete action plan that outlines steps, timelines, and responsibilities, ensuring a commitment to implementation.

  • Ongoing Assessment: Regularly measure progress against the established goals, adapting the action plan as needed for continuous improvement.

  • This method not only streamlines the coaching process but also facilitates sustained growth and development.

Expected Outcomes:

Our coaching programs go beyond theory, pinpointing key behaviors and providing a streamlined process that embeds growth into daily interactions.
A wise investment in coaching demands a guaranteed return.


Our commitment to measurable growth ensures that every investment in our programs translates into tangible results.

  • Developing the ability to navigate and lead through organizational changes effectively.
  • Acquiring skills to coach and mentor your team members, fostering their professional growth.
  • Cultivating a positive and inclusive work culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.
  • Enhancing your ability to make informed and strategic decisions that align with organizational objectives.
  • Crafting a clear career vision and outlining actionable steps for progression.

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