Growth with
Strategic Coaching

Project Length: 2 Months

This project was for a GM dealership in Vancouver – British Colombia – Canada. Leadership has promoted a sales manager to a General sales manager role.

The person had some management experience but lacked leadership experience.



The challenges the person and the business were facing can be summarized as:

  1. Inconsistent sales performance
  2. Low showroom visits and online enquiries
  3. Low closing
  4. Long decision-making time.


In general, the GROW coaching model was used. We started with the person and his personal life goals. Then we moved to the steps that could possibly lead to this goal until we got to the next step.


We worked on how he could discover the core reason behind the inconsistency in sales performance, showroom visits and low closing, came up with a few action plans to tackle the issues such as:

  1. Meet with the sales managers and discuss the targets and the actions for the month.
  2. Groom a current salesperson to become a sales manager.
  3.  Focus on appointments to increase call to appointment conversion ratio.
  4.  Focus on internet sales and help them learn how to monitor their own performance.
  5.  Focus on the sales managers to help them with their obstacles.
  6.  Work with the managers to support them in fully implementing the Sales tracker including the internet sales and the subprime.
  7.  Monitoring the activities continuously to support on the spot.
  8.  Continuous use of the GROW model.
  9.  Work on increasing client testimonials to use as referrals and increase sales.

& development

The coaching sessions were able to help the person:

  1. Come up with a sales tracking sheet to have each salesperson register and monitor their own performance related to each step of the sales process.
  2. Learn the GROW coaching model and approach teammates as a coach not as a manager.
  3. Ask important and challenging questions to encourage teammates to critically think.
  4. Listen with intent to the teammates to build rapport, showing that they are heard and understood.
  5. Using the 10 levels of delegation to help teammates grow sustainably to become autonomous.


During the program, the person faced some obstacles such as:

  1. Telling people what to do rather than asking them to encourage critical thinking.
  2. Involving teammates in decision making
  3. Using the different steps of the delegation ladder depending on the level of the teammates.
  4. Mindset



The results were:


  1. 21 % above target in first month
  2.  Subprime got to 50% above target.
  3.  Internet sales were at 8 /35 cars and went to 23 /35 cars in 2 weeks.
  4.  One salesperson is ready to take on a manager role.

Other non-tangible results include:


  1. Mindset change.
  2. Critical thinking.
  3. Improved communication skills.
  4. Improved morale.
  5. Learn how to let go and delegate.


In conclusion, the transformational journey of the newly appointed General Sales Manager exemplifies the power of strategic coaching intervention. Faced with challenges such as inconsistent sales performance, low showroom visits, and low closing rates, the coaching sessions effectively applied the GROW coaching model, guiding the manager through personal and professional growth.


By focusing on targeted action plans, fostering critical thinking, and utilizing the 10 levels of delegation, significant strides were made.

Moreover, the program instilled intangible yet invaluable outcomes, including a transformative mindset shift, enhanced communication skills, improved morale, and the ability to delegate effectively.


Through this coaching journey, the General Sales Manager not only overcame obstacles but also cultivated a thriving, empowered team, and set the dealership on a path of sustainable success, showcasing the tangible and intangible impact of strategic coaching in the professional realm.