Virtual Selling: Series 1

Augu 8, 2020

The Customer Journey In the New Era

It is no secret that selling has been changing for a few years. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the change tremendously.  The ever-growing expectations of the customers, as well as the health and safety measures enforced by many governments, have had a big impact on businesses. To survive means to adapt. To adapt means, new sets of skills and tools must be developed, practiced, and mastered. This four-episode virtual classroom training will empower you to adapt and succeed in the “New Virtual Sales Era” as quickly as possible.


What will be discussed

-Satisfaction vs Profitability.

-The Digital Guest Experience Process.

-The What, the Why, and the How: from Prospecting to Managing the Relationship.

What will you learn

-Prospecting Myths.

-Active Listening.

-Email Advices

-Communication intelligence.

-Building Rapport.

-Needs and Wants.

-Powerful Questions.

-PRECISE Buying Motives.

-Price and Value.

-Feature, Function, Benefit.

-Demonstrating Tips.

-ACRC Objection handling.

-Winning in Concessions.

-Closing Techniques.

-Handover Tactics.

-Relationship Map.

What is included

-Participant guide.

-Reference guide.

-Pre session work.

-Open discussions.

-Team activities.

-Show what you know.

-Role play.


-Real-life action plans. (post-session work)

-Debriefing and Feedback.



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For more information about our Virtual Selling Series, watch this webinar hosted by Tiqani Inc. about virtual selling.

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