Process Audits & Consulting

Understand your business

All Industries are currently facing many disruptive changes. The economical, political, global health, and global warming forces are directly and indirectly affecting the results of businesses.

These forces are creating winds of change and either we keep to the previous ways and fight or we raise our sails and adapt.

To adapt, one is recommended to shift his outlook to recognize that “Smart Growth” is the only way to success. Smart growth is directly linked to continuous quality improvements that lead to cost saving.

With this renewed outlook, the need for consultants, with an extensive understanding of the business, the market, the environment, the culture, and the global dynamics, is key to examine the results of the business and point out the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes that lead to this result.

Our consultants lived, and worked with global companies operating from KSA, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, and the UK, and served in more than 21 countries across three continents. This naturally brings a deep detailed understanding of all business functions in the dealer network environment.

Our process audit is not a procedures audit. Click on here to see the difference.


We believe that Auditing and Consulting work hand in hand in order to discover the strengths and areas of improvement in operations and performance before giving expert advice.

Our process audits include:

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