Our Team

  • Rudy G. Shukri FIMI Business Leader
    Performance Improvement Coach
  • Khaled A. Alwassia Alwassia Business Leader
    Executive & Business Coach
  • Farid Sfeir Training Manager
    Instructional Designer
  • Moncef Boukhris Associate
    Talent Development
  • Abdulaziz Alsayid Associate
    Talent Development
  • Fatimazahra Chakkar Associate
    Talent Development
  • Jennifer Jneid Brand Manager
Rudy G. Shukri FIMI Business Leader
Performance Improvement Coach
  • A highly sought-after certified coach, trainer, and consultant.
  • 22 years of experience with a multitude of industries in more than 30 countries around the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, North America & the Indian subcontinent
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If you are looking for means to improve the performance of your team, raise the bar so high that no competition will be even close to you, you need Rudy and Tiqani team. Rudy’s coaching method and training techniques is so unique and tailored to fit all our automotive business needs. You always get much more than you asked for. Thank you, Rudy, looking forward to the next training project.

KAMAL AL HAJJ Director of Customer Service, Aftersales & Supply Chain

Rudy is a dedicated, self-motivated and hardworking automotive professional with good leadership skills and a great level of patience. Rudy in non-judgmental and communicates clearly and effectively so all can understand.
As the Training Manager in the MENA region, Rudy earned himself the respect of all the dealers in the region as he is extremely passionate always willing to assist. His ability to build professional relationships with Business Partners and colleagues is unquestionable…

KATE BURFORD Distributor Relationship Manager Ford Motor Company

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of not only knowing but working with Rudy for a number of years.
Rudy is consummate professional with a eye for detail and desire to deliver excellence.
He really understands how people work and how to help them reach their full potential.
It’s always great when you’re in his company, he is a genuinely warm, caring person with a acute level of emotional intelligence.
Rudy is rare is the Learning and Development world, not only does he excel in developing people, but he has the real-life experience to support it.
I cannot recommend Rudy enough to any organization, anywhere in the world wanting to flourish.

NICK KEEP The People Guy at Nick Keep Associates Ltd.
Khaled A. Alwassia Alwassia Business Leader
Executive & Business Coach
  • Passionate about ROI in talent creation
  • Led dealership teams to win regional manufacture awards & established fully IMI accredited Apprenticeship programs in KSA
  • Worked with leading German, Asian and American distributors in a variety of operational & training leadership capacities
  • Certified executive & team coach
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Khaled is a dedicated hard working automotive specialist with a superb overall understanding of the business, and he is extremely passionate about the technical side. He is a meticulous planner, a good teacher, and a coach who likes to explore new methods and systems. To him, learning is a continuous cycle in life.

MOHAMMED MAKTARI General Manager at AG Auto by Al Ghurair

Khaled is professional Manager who understands his operation and also knows how to work with other operations. His communication skills are very good with senior management and principles. Has good technical knowledge of his operation and a jolly chap to work with.

IMTIAZ BHATTI National Parts Manager

Being straight forward and a trustworthy person, Khaled kept on impressing me with his positive attitude and spot on determination.
He likes to be up to date with everything and a pioneer in what he does, hence he is distinguished from the rest of the employees.
I wish him all the best of luck with his new assignment and am sure that he will continue to excel on a bigger level.

FAISAL AAWAR Regional Business Manager JLR
Farid Sfeir Training Manager
Instructional Designer
  • A globally accredited tri-linguist training consultant
  • Specialized in material design, sales, and after-sales
    training and coaching, technical training delivery & more
  • A previous master technician with experience in all vehicle systems
  • Worked with brands such as Mercedes, General Motors, and Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, and GM
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Highly skilled trainer, with great knowledge in automotive industry, makes everything easy for the trainees , during very active workshops and training sessions that done by him.

ALI SHABAN Commercial Manager
Moncef Boukhris Associate
Talent Development
  • A tri-lingual communicator
  • Led, coached, & trained various teams of motivated professionals in the automotive industry
  • Worked with VOITH, GmbH, SIEMENS/DUEWAG, AG, and BOSCH
  • Has been leading departments with Nissan, Ford, Jaguar, & Land Rover
  • A certified Master Trainer by Ford Academy
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We worked together in JLR Tunisia, and we collaborated on some projects. He helped in improving Parts business. He’s a very serious person, responsible and always takes care to achieve stated goals and targets.

IMEN MAKNI Marketing Manager Group Alpha

I had the chance in early my career to work under Moncef leadership. Moncef is a true leader and first-class professional with proven achievements records making him very much capable of succeeding in any challenge.

HASSEN KHEMIRI Business Unit Manager

One of the best people I had the chance to work with. Very helpful, professional, and easy to do business with.

Abdulaziz Alsayid Associate
Talent Development
  • A certified bi-lingual trainer
  • Has over than 18 years of experience in sales, customer service, showroom management & inventory management
  • Specialized in designing & delivering training to develop competent sales teams
  • Worked with General Motors & Ford
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I worked with Abdulaziz when he was a sales trainer and supervisor. He is well organized, passionate, and always willing to learn.

AHMAD ALHAMRANI Sales Zone Manager Ford
Fatimazahra Chakkar Associate
Talent Development
  • A trilingual, customer service professional
  • Had over 10 years of experience in maximizing customer satisfaction & dynamic team leadership in different industries
  • Worked in projects for Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, BMW, MINI, Nissan and Ford
  • A certified Master Trainer by Ford Academy
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I have managed FatimaZahra in the Automotive industry and precisely on customer care where I got the chance to experience her professionalism and her human approach to a very difficult profession, her ability to listen and to understand customers but also her capability to keep the positive energy flowing all day long so the last customer can get as much attention as the first one!

EL OUALIDI TAOUFIK Managing Director

She was the best teacher and colleague I have had. She has a lot of knowledge and skills about customer service. Professional & patient, she was able to defeat and manage the huge pressure coming to that department, follow and advise all members of our team and take care of every and each sensible situation. During that time, we had always the highest score of satisfaction and good customer service.

RABII BABEZZINE Technical Sales Advisor & Customer Service

Fatima Zahra and I worked together for almost 2 years. During that period, she showed delightful leadership within both the team and projects she was leading. Indeed, the exceptional communication skills, the high curiosity to learn more every day and the strong sense of commitment were the main success factors of Fatima Zahra. I believe that the attitude of FatimaZahra allows her to be a great consultant regardless of the sector of a company.

Jennifer Jneid Brand Manager
  • A trilingual marketing professional.
  • Worked on campaigns for companies in the FMCG, fashion, hospitality, and talent development industries.
  • A holder of a master’s degree from the Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland
  • Certified from Emeritus Institute of Management in Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics
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Jennifer has always demonstrated professionalism, availability, and a great capacity for learning. Despite her young professional age, her work is always of high quality and has allowed us to confirm a professional image of the company.

Moncef Boukhris Consultant Trainer

I am amazed by Jennifer’s ability to manage social media (LinkedIn, Instagram…) to help us to achieve our goals. She is a highly focused person as well as analytical and can add to any team she is a part of.

Abdulaziz Alsayid Talent Development & Sales Trainer