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Our Solution Areas

Find & customize a solution that fits you

Whether it is leadership, management, customer facing, technical, soft skills, or processes, our flexibility in guiding, facilitating, coaching, and training will have measurable results.

How we do it?

Starting with the end in mind

Our most successful results were by following our simple yet solid process: set your target, plan your journey, and enjoy the ride.


A provider of talent development solutions

We are a team of coaches, trainers, and consultants who come from different backgrounds with decades of on-the-job expertise. We live by our values to inspire, engage, and empower to develop talent. We provide talent development solutions to organizations that have a keen interest in investing in human capital. Since our incorporation in January 2009, we have supported major automotive brands in the GCC, the Levant, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Having learned many lessons from one of the most competitive industries, we widened our scope to support the other industries such as the retail, medical, hospitality, and IT industries to name a few.

What we do?

Maximizing human potential

We maximize human potential to help your business operate effectively and efficiently.

By combining our expertise with the best practices of learning methodologies, we help you reduce your business losses and increase profitability per employee by targeting specific talent development areas.

Consequently, you will be able to balance profitability and customer satisfaction.

We give your organization a better chance to be sustainable in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Why we do it?

We believe in people!

Our Mission

To improve the learning retention by designing and delivering memorable learning experiences.

Our Vision

To develop talent globally by nurturing a culture of continuous growth for self and the community.

Our Core Values

Our core values come from different life experiences around the world with proven positive results:

  • Inspire to move to new heights
  • Engage to discover own ways
  • Empower to unleash hidden talent
Courses Directory

Explore our courses via ebooks

A wide range of courses that cover your workforce skills at all levels. We design training courses and customize learning paths based on your team job requirements in terms of skills, knowledge, and behavior.


What people said about Tiqani Inc.

That was fun to attend the real meaning of teamwork and communication skills. Thanks, coach for the interesting training!

AHMED SHAWKY Fleet Senior Sales Consultant

Communication skills one of the great courses I would like to take without being bored… Thanks to coach Khaled Alwassia for the great work!

LOUBNA SIDKI Service Consultant

I would like to thank you for the awesome training experience. It has given me so much knowledge in handling and interacting with clients, which no other brand has done before. Your explanations were very easy to understand, and you gave us freedom to question you. I never felt distracted or bored, I was always entertained.

PAULO RODRIGUES Body Shop Estimator | Johannesburg

Thank you for the Excellent training once again. I have gained greater knowledge and techniques on handling different situations.

ASHLEY NAIDOO Sales Executive | Umhlanga

I would just like to thank you for your awesome training that I received from you in Dubai at Porsche Training Centre.
I have already spoken to management and started with implementing new ways to get productivity and efficiency up!
I have also implemented some ideas to make my job easier and stress-free.
Thank you for being positive, friendly and explaining everything in detail.

DIVAN WENTZEL Service Consultant | Cape Town

“Measuring your team members through their activities is something that fascinated me during Tiqani trainings. Once it’s implemented, I saw the magic of true sales analysis. The trainer taught me something, solutions are there but tools to find the problem in convincing way is the key. Trainings @ pace of world!”

ARUN Sales Manager | Oman

The training course went on very smoothly. It was precisely what I expected from Tiqani and the trainer, precise, very informative and useful for my day-to-day activities. Thank you, Tiqani!

ALLAN Pre-Owned Sales Manager | Bahrain

The Trainer’s personality impressed me. He is intellectual, knowledgeable about the subject and has a wide experience in our field of work, which made the training easy and convenient. It was easy to understand his message and it was also easy for him to deal with me and my colleagues covering all skill levels. This enhanced the working tools, concepts of managing the teams and tasks, setting goals and the way to achieve them professionally and academically.
After each training session, I return to my work full of positive energy and enthusiasm; this results in higher returns even if the scale of this improvement varies depending on the market situation or management changes. After each training, I find new thoughts and new methods to deal with circumstances and solve problems, and after applying them results are impressive.

SAMI Branch Manager | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia