A new partnership between prodiags & tiqani to “bring more learning options to you”
March 20th, 2020 | admin

As a talent development establishment, we always thrive to support automotive professionals as well as enthusiasts to quench their thirst for more learning and more information. This partnership adds another milestone in Tiqani’s mission to Inspire, Engage, and Empower.

The new outlook to become more effective and efficient as the continuous disruptions keep coming, organizations and mostly individual professionals in the automotive industry are facing the need for on the go and flexible learning. Prodiags, a supplier of technical automotive e-learning solutions, enables learning anywhere, anytime, and in small bits, just when you are motivated to learn. The programs offer bite-size subjects for the Middle East, Africa, and Canada markets in English, French and, Arabic.


This partnership brings professionals, businesses, workshops, and institutes in the automotive industry more learning options to keep them always up to date with the lowest cost and highest flexibility to learn.


Next to the technical e-learning modules that cover a number of subjects, Prodiags learning management system allows managers to track their team learning progress and enable individual learners to access information on the go. On the other hand, Tiqani will bring its experience in the training and development industry and help the learners to draft a learning path based on their needs. “With a Digital Learning Platform, the learner is engaged and empowered, and starts driving his/her own development with access to a wide range of cutting-edge learning material.”


“Such exciting times for us at Tiqani. Learning is as good as how much you take back with you. We have always worked hard to find better ways to make learning more fun, more engaging, and more inspiring in order to make it stick longer” the founder and CEO at Tiqani, Rudy G. Shukri, added.


With Prodiags, in addition to the bite-size learning method, the variety of languages the material is offered in makes it available for almost anyone in any part of the world to access it and get the chance to start or grow a career in this business.


Technical e-learning course

Prodiags learning management system showing the “Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology” module.


Prodiags started with technical automotive learning over the web already in 2000. In the meantime, over 80% of Finnish vocational schools are using Prodiags learning and more than 100000 students have been taking advantage of the content developed by mechanics for mechanics.


Head of Business Development, Paul Zogg, said: “Tiqani is our ideal partner covering a wide range of countries enabling the expansion of Prodiags learning. Offering a hands-on learning solution independent from time, work, and place for the skills development in troubleshooting and problem-solving.”


Briefly speaking, the environment facing professionals continues to change rapidly, with that in mind it is important to choose a learning method that accelerates the way a learner grasp information and one of them is e-learning. Whether you are interested in technical e-learning, soft skills e-learning courses and learning management systems, Prodiags and Tiqani will be happy to support your journey.


For more information, visit our contact us.


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